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Unique Dried Flowers

Natural & sustainable: Dried flower floristry

Flowery Gifts for your Loved Ones

Discover our selection of gifting bouquets and gift ideas

Wedding Dried Flowers

Discover our wedding collection: bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, boutonniere for the groom

Click & Collect in Berlin

Order your dried flowers online and pick them up in our studio in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg!


We do not use artificially colored or bleached dried flowers. We ship climate neutral and do without plastic.


All collections are developed and produced in Berlin. Our flowers come mainly from Europe.


Dry flowers are not only beautiful, they are also very easy to care for and will last a long time in your home.

Dried Flower Love

Dried Flower Designs from Berlin

Dried Flowers, Naturally Sustainable

Madame Fleurs is a young, creative brand from Berlin. We make it our mission to decorate your home stylishly and sustainably with our dried flower arrangements. 

Our floral designs made from dried flowers are all handmade in our Berlin studio and have a very long shelf life. Sustainability is very important to us: We only use natural flowers and pay attention to carefully use our resources at every step of the production.

Be it as a gift or for yourself, dried flowers are always a good idea!

Dried flowers shipping & care

All about dried flowers

  • Shipping dried flowers - how does it work?

    Whether as a love present for your (best) friend, as a small thank you for mom or simply as a small floral surprise, dried flowers are always a great idea! A Flower Bouquet is a safe gift anyway and a dried flowers are the modern, sustainable version of fresh flowers. The creative and sustainable dried flower arrangements from Madame Fleurs can be sent as a surprise or as a gift with your personal message.


    Shipping dried flowers is easy and uncomplicated with Madame Fleurs, and we make sure that the flowers arrive quickly and in perfect condition. Especially on special occasions such as Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day or a birthday, we pay attention to your special requests: be it a personal greeting card with your message, an extra wish or faster processing and shipping of your dried flowers.


    Once you pick the perfect Dried flower bouquet for your loved ones, we will prepare it by hand in our workshop in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Then we carefully wrap the bouquet of dried flowers with a premium recycled paper and pack it in a strong shipping box made of recycled cardboard. With every order we add a small greeting card from Madame Fleurs Berlin with some perks for your next order of dried flowers. Our shipping partner DHL will then take care of the shipping.

  • How long do dried flowers last?

    The lastingness of dried flowers is a very important topic and we are often asked this question. Especially if you want to offer dried flowers as a gift, it is important to know how long one will be able to enjoy the sight of ourDry flower bouquet or Dried flower wreath . The good news? Dried flowers last a very long time and will still look like new after several months and years. Also dried flowers are very easy to care for! Read our care tips for dried flowers, but in general dried flowers a great gift idea or home decor idea, if you want to make a long-lasting impression.

  • Dried flowers care - our 3 tips

    After the lastingness the dried flowers, care is the second most frequently asked question. The short answer is that the dried flowers are actually very easy to care for! However, there are a few golden rules to keep in mind to keep your dry flower bouquets or hoops & wreaths as shiny as new for years.

    Care tip number 1: place your dried flowers in a dry place. This means that dried flower decorations will live perfectly in your living room, bedroom or office. Avoid the bathroom, as the flowers can't tolerate the humidity so well.

    Care tip number 2: place your dried flowers not in direct light, because the sun will make their colors fainter over time.

    Care tip number 3: After a few months, you might notice some dust accumulatin on your bouquet of dried flowers. You can remove the dust by gently blowing cold air from the hair dryer onto the dried flowers. With these three care tips you are now a dried flower expert!

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