3 things you need to know about dried flowers

So many of you are enthusiastic about the dried flowers trend and of course we understand why! Their beautiful colours and vintage feel combined with modern furnishings is just magical. Especially when the days are getting shorter and cooler, you long for a touch of summer at home and dried flowers bring just that.

We've put together 3 important things you might not know about dried flowers. Our goal is not only to offer you dried flowers, pampas and decorations, but also to make you a dried flower expert yourself! 

1. There is a dry flower season

    Dried flowers are seasonal! One has to imagine that dried flowers were previously fresh flowers, now they were picked at their highest point of bloom and dried. This often happens in the summer and after a couple of weeks of drying they are ready!

    In this way we ensure that we capture their beauty at the best time. But that also means that the harvest is not endless and it can sell out until next summer comes. Slow & sustainable! We respect the rhythm of nature.

    2. Dried flowers do not necessarily mean sustainable!

    Dried flowers are certainly a sustainable alternative to cut flowers, as you save on fast transport routes and thus the CO2 footprint is lower. However, note the origin of your dried flowers! At Madame Fleurs, we only work with European suppliers and pay attention to their working conditions, be it in production or how they look after their employees. 

    For example, these trendy types of dried flowers or grasses often come from distant lands:

    • Dried palm leaves or palm fronds: India, Sri Lanka.
    • Pampas grass: South America

    Our fluffy pampas grass comes from the Netherlands.  We don't have palm leaves or fronds in our range, because we only offer flowers and plants from European production in order to remain true to our values.

    3. Some dried flowers smell like fresh flowers

       Although dried flowers are more likely to be chosen for their look and feel, there are some types of flowers that smell almost like fresh even after drying. Lavender, everlasting flowers or roses, for example, keep their smell, so the summer lives a little longer at home!

      Do you have a special wish? Write us @ hello@madamefleurs.com at. We look forward to you!