4 Reasons Why Dried Flowers Make a Great Valentine's Day Gift

Say it with dried flowers on Valentine's Day!

Actually, people like to say that you don't wait for Valentine's Day to show your love, but a little something is always a great pleasure, right? For Valentines Day on February 14th you can from our large Dried flowers assortment let yourself be inspired and choose the right gift.

Why will your favorite person be 100% happy about your gift of dried flowers? Be it yours Girlfriend, fiance or wife. Would you just like to give a special surprise for Valentine's Day? Why not give a wonderful creation made from dried flowers by Madame Fleurs? We have listed the 4 most important points why dried flowers are a great gift idea for Valentine's Day.

1. Dried flowers are the ultimate interior design trend

    Are you looking for a great Valentine's Day gift that is guaranteed to be well received and will impress your favorite person? Then we definitely recommend dried flowers. Recently very popular, especially for boho weddings, dried flowers are now the most beautiful decoration idea in every living room. A creation made from dried flowers brings pure nature but also color and happiness, which should not be underestimated in the dreary winter days!

    Our wide selection of dry bouquets, rings & hoops and flower frames makes it easy to find the right gift idea for Valentine's Day! Men in particular have a hard time finding the perfect gift. With dried flowers you are exactly right!

    For example, try the Winter Sun Dry Bouquet - its red-orange flowers simply bring the sun in and put you in a good mood immediately!


    2. Our dried flower creations are sustainable

       While fresh flowers go bad quickly and have a significant impact on the environment due to the long transport routes, dried flowers are much more sustainable.

      Our dried flowers come mainly from Europe and we use 100% naturally dried flowers and grasses. We also attach great importance to environmentally friendly action and are almost plastic-free in our production and supply chain. Recycled paper and cardboard are used for packaging and shipping, nothing more. In times of zero waste and global warming, these points are important decision factors for us that can no longer be ignored!

      Your favorite person will definitely be happy that you have chosen a sustainable gift. How about that, for example Love letter dry bouquet? Romantic and playful, perfect for Valentine's Day!


        3. Add your personal greeting card

        Think of your most beautiful statement about your favorite person and we will be happy to add it to the dried flowers on a small card from Madame Fleurs! Everyone is happy about a few individual words, that makes your Valentine's Day gift even better with our dried flowers and the surprise is just perfect! 

        4. Dried flowers are very easy to care for

        Does your home not have enough daylight? Don't you have a green thumb? Don't panic, dried flowers are so easy to care for and will look great for a long time! From time to time you can shake your drying bouquet or Pampasgrad a little, or blow dry it with cold water to remove any dust. In general, we also recommend placing dried flowers in a dry place such as your living room or bedroom.

        For feel-good vibes, we recommend our XXL pampas grass

        There are many options and it is therefore not easy to choose. Are you still undecided? How about a gift voucher? The Voucher can be bought online and redeemed quickly and easily in Madame Fleurs' online shop.

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