The most beautiful dried flowers for your mom for Mother's Day

hey dear ones,

Mother's Day is approaching! This year all moms celebrate on May 8th, 2022.

There is always the question of what to give to the most important person in the world. Flowers and chocolate are of course very popular, but how about dried flowers? A bouquet of dried flowers not only looks beautiful, but is also unique and sustainable! Also, they last a very long time.

For the best mom in the world, a bouquet of dried flowers is the perfect gift idea. Why is a dried bouquet best for Mother's Day?

1) Dried flowers last forever.

Of course, fresh flowers are very beautiful, but over time they simply wither. Dried flowers, on the other hand, last forever.

Trockenblumen Muttertag

2) Dried flower care is very simple.

If you are traveling shortly after Mother's Day, there is no need to worry. The floral gift made of dried flowers will still look great afterwards! Our dried flowers are dried naturally and therefore retain their natural colors.

So all your mom needs is a nice vase for the bouquet and that's it!

Muttertag Trockenblumen

3) Our dried flower arrangements are sustainable

All bouquets and creations are made by hand with love in Berlin. Sustainability is very important to us at Madame Fleurs. We do not use artificially colored or bleached dried flowers. We ship climate-neutrally and do not use plastic. So nowadays you look forward to receiving a beautiful, sustainable bouquet as a gift for Mother's Day!

Here it goes our selection for your dearest mom for Mother's Day 2022 I have 08. May.