Welcome to Madame Fleurs: Green & Flowery!

Your online shop for dried flowers & pampas

"In a world of fast-paced consumption and throwaway culture, dried flowers have wonderful calming powers."

We are a young brand from Berlin, specializing in Dried flowers. Why dried flowers? These are a wonderful, sustainable alternative to fresh flowers. We have dedicated a story to the topic of sustainability in dried flowers.

Our product range

With Madame Fleurs you will not only Bouquets of dried flowers find, but also Pampas grass, Dried flowers as Federation and cute decorative items like Dried flowers frame or Dried flower wreaths.
Do you want to make your home cozy and add a touch of natural colors? Then dried flowers are a wonderful means of doing just that! We are personally more fans of minimalist decoration, so our dried flower creations, eucalyptus and pampas stand out even more!  
We work in our Berlin studio and get our inspiration from the interior design world, but above all from nature and the colors that it gives us depending on the season.

Dried flower innovations

New collections are presented regularly and we are always working on expanding our range. We also offer workshops because we want to share our passion for dried flowers with you. Madame Fleurs is a wonderful gift for your loved ones. Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day ... All of our creations are packed with beautiful natural materials and can be given away.


Have fun shopping! Do you have a special wish? Write to us hello@madamefleurs.com. We look forward to you!