Pampas grass love: 3 tips for perfect care

At Madame Fleurs we love pampas. Why not? These gorgeous grasses not only look great on Pinterest and Instagram influencers, but also in your home! It belongs to a harmonious and stylish decoration just like our favorite plants Monstera and co. Especially those who like their home minimalist and without too much decorative stuff will be satisfied with Pampas. They come in different types and sizes. Our premium pampas is just over 1 meter long and fits very well in a tall vase.

But how do you look after your pampas grass? We have asked ourselves this question several times and would like to pass on our 3 tips to you:

1. Shake the pampas briefly on receipt

    Your pampas may be a little flat because of the transport, but don't worry! Just shake out your pampas a little, preferably in the garden or through the window. So you can bring it back into top shape and place it directly in a vase. You can also easily pull the grass apart with your hands to make your pampas look even fluffier.

    2. Place in a dry place

      Dry grass needs dry air! This not only applies to pampas, but also to all dried flowers. It's best to put your pampas grass in a nice, dry place in your home, for example in the living room or bedroom. With its special, calming effect, your Pampas is best suited there anyway!

      3. When it gets dusty ...

        Pampas grass actually lasts forever, which means that after a while a bit of dust can collect there. Do not worry! We also have a simple trick. You can turn your hairdryer on the low setting and let the wind go from 30cm away towards the pampas. This way your pampas gets a nice «hairstyle» and looks fresh and new again in a few seconds!

        Our pampas grass comes from the Netherlands and was produced and dried under fair conditions. It is important to us not only to offer you beautiful dried flowers and grasses, but also the best quality and sustainable production. We also opted for the pampas in natural colour, as we do not use artificially colours and bleached dried flowers. In addition, neither our supplier nor we use plastic for shipping, and we send all packages climate-neutral. So you can enjoy your pampas love with a clear conscience!