Are dried flowers really sustainable?

Are dried flowers sustainable?

The dried flower trend suddenly came like a storm and as with all trends, there is a beautiful and a dark side.

Let's put it this way: Dried flowers are MORE sustainable because they last longer than fresh flowers and you can keep them longer in the supply chain and we don't have to throw away all the flowers immediately if we don't sell them.

 BUT not all dried flowers are sustainable. How so? Here are the 3 most important points:

  1. origin: Many retailers now offer exotic flowers and grasses as dried products. Yes, that's how you find beautiful palm fronds from India, pampas grass from Latin America ... Long transport routes and an opaque supply chain belong to these flowers. Who picked these flowers and under what conditions? We don't want to support that at Madame Fleurs. We know our suppliers and buy 100% European production. Most of it comes from the Netherlands, or Italy and France.
  2. processing: Dried flowers call for nature, right? There are now so many dried flowers artificially coloured and bleached. For whatever reason? Sure, bright colours look good, but we are convinced that we can also find these hues in the natural colours of the dried flowers. Our Dry bouquets, rings and other creations are colourful and eye catching, We only work with natural colours.
  3. Packaging & Shipping: A lot can be achieved with packaging and shipping Garbage and plasticgetting together. When it comes to our products, we think of the entire supply chain. How do we package Madame Fleurs dried flowers? We prefer recycled paper and materialsthat are compostable or reusable. We also ship climate neutral, that means, the CO2 emissions are offset and offer free for all Berliners Pickup option at.

Discover our selection of sustainable dried flowers here.