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Our top 5 gift ideas "Shop small, shop local"



This year is special enough and many small brands have been and are still affected by the crisis. For this reason, we would like to introduce a few creative brands that develop unique designs and act locally and sustainably. Get inspiration for your Christmas gifts, be it for your friends or family!

When you buy from a small, local brand, you not only support the people behind them, but also their suppliers, who are often smaller than those of the big corporations. That's why we think it's important to consciously support smaller brands.

Of course, the price also often plays a role. In our top 5, we suggest different gift ideas for every budget. But also You can support your local brands without spending a cent

  • Follow them on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Like, comment and share your posts on social media.
  • Recommend them to others! Gift ideas are often asked in FB groups, forums or simply among friends.
  • Add them to your wishlist - so your family and friends will know when it's your birthday again soon!

 Now it goes to our top 5!

1. Homemade ceramic pot from Vendi Vendi Berlin 

© Vendela Clarberg

The ceramics and pottery trend has no end! How wonderful it just feels to hold an object in your hands that has been created with a lot of time and love! The dear Vendi works with ceramics and there is a lot of choice: pots, jewelry, bowls...
Ceramic pot by VendiVendiBerlin on Etsy | 55 euros | Available here 


2. Beautiful necklace with pearls from Hanging Hoops

© Yu Shaomei

When Charlane moved to Berlin a few years ago, she quickly realized that many Berliners like to dress in black and rather wear minimalist jewelry. However, she found it difficult to find beautiful jewelry that was high quality and affordable at the same time. With her background as a make-up artist, Charlane has a real sense of aesthetics and style and creates beautiful designs: necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.
Necklace “Seashell” by Hanging Hoops | 32 euros | Available here


3. A nice photo as a reminder that everything will be fine

© Quinn Phan 

Quinn Phan lives in Berlin and focuses on analog photography.  
Quinn Phan Photography | Available here. Quinn's art is currently also at the pop-up in the Produzentengalerie until December 23rd. to find. More info here.


4. A Kokedama DIY kit for plant lovers

© Koked.Amar 

While some people honed their banana bread skills in the first lockdown, Mar discovered a new passion for Kokedamas. This decoration trend from Japan is very popular and loved there. Kokedama means "moss ball" and as the name suggests, is a ball of moss on which a dainty plant grows. This DIY kit contains everything you need to make a Kokedama yourself at home. If you don't dare, you can always find dear Mar at Mauerpark, where she sells the Kokedamas, or at one of her workshops. 

DIY kit Kokedama by Koked.Amar | 20 euros | Available here


5. A relaxing eye mask with lavender

© Mafê Bastos 

Mafês eye and sleep masks are hand-embroidered and made from premium linen and organic cotton. The aromatic effects of essential oils and herbs infused into the flaxseed help calm and calm the mind. It's the perfect gift for someone who needs some relaxation!
Provence lavender eye mask bag and mask | 32 euros | Available here

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