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Discover the first scented candle collection from Madame Fleurs with unique scents by French perfumers
🌿 Natural Scented Candles 🐇 Vegan 🫶 100% French scents

What makes Madame Fleurs scented candles so special


Our scented candles are cruelty free and made from natural soy wax. Soy wax burns slower, so these soy wax candles last longer than regular candles.

European Production

At Madame Fleurs, we attach great importance to short transport routes. Our partner company for production is located in Europe and is also run by women.

100% French Fragrance Notes

Grasse in Provence is the birthplace of the most prestigious perfumes in the world. We work with the best perfumers to develop our fragrance notes.

Burn time of 50 hours

Our scented candles have wicks made from recycled wood, including some leftovers from IKEA. In addition, our candles burn for you for a long time, up to 50 hours.


Great scented candles! I bought one for me and one for my mom, they make great gifts too!


I have Organic Blossom at home and what can I say, the candle smells sooo good even when not lit!


I love the design of the candles and they smell so nice in the apartment! I can highly recommend them.



Vegan scented candles means that we only use vegetable wax.

In addition, the fragrance notes are purely herbal and are not tested on animals. It is very important to us at Madame Fleurs to develop our products responsibly and to offer you only the best.

Most candles on the market are partly made of beeswax, paraffin or stearin. We deliberately chose soy wax because firstly this wax is vegan and secondly the melting point of soy wax is lower than that of conventional wax. This means you get more from your candle for longer as it burns slower. In addition, soy wax does not leave black marks on the glass when the candle is lit. So when your scented candle is empty, you can simply upcycle the glass jar and make something beautiful out of it!

PETA ranks soy wax candles as the best option. Soy wax is not only vegan, but also burns cleanly and does not pollute the environment like conventional candles made of paraffin, for example.

Because the melting point of soy wax is lower than regular wax, it means you get more out of your candle because it burns slower. Madame Fleurs scented candles have a burning time of 50 hours.

We have teamed up with a small European producer who shares our values. Our producer is run by women and works just like us with a sustainable approach. We are always looking for solutions to reuse materials, for example the wooden wicks, some of which are made from recycled wood from IKEA.