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    What's new in the world of Madame Fleurs? In our online shop for sustainable, dried flowers, we offer you unique creations such as dried bouquets, dried flower rings and DIY craft kits with flowers that we handcraft ourselves in our Berlin studio. We try to come up with new designs on a regular basis so there's something for everyone. Be it as a gift or for yourself, a creation made of dried flowers is a great decoration idea, is very durable and simply timeless!

    How long do dried flowers last?

    Compared to fresh flowers, dried flowers last much longer! If you consider that a fresh bouquet lasts on average a week to 10 days and you still have to replace the water in between, a bouquet of dried flowers is even more advantageous! If cared for properly, a bouquet of dried flowers will easily last 6 to 12 months. Of course, it also depends on the type of dried flowers. Sturdy dried grasses and stems such as poppy pods, wheat, lagurus, yellow craspedias, etc. are very hardy and happen to last longer than dried flowers such as sea lavender, helichrysum, delphiniums, etc.

    How to care for dried flowers? 

    Care tip number 1:

    Put your dried flowers in a dry place. This means that your bouquet of dried flowers or dried flower decoration will be perfect in the living room, bedroom or office. Avoid the bathroom because flowers don't tolerate humidity very well.

    Care tip number 2:

    Don't place your dried flowers in direct light, because the sun can fade their beautiful, bright colors over time. 

    Care tip number 3:

    After a few months, dust may collect on your dried flower decoration. You can remove the dust by directing cold air from the hair dryer at the dried buds.

    Have fun with your dried flowers! Order your dried flowers now and have them delivered to your home.