Pampas grass


      Dried pampas grass and pampas grass decor

      Discover our selection of pampas grass - be it for your living room or bedroom, pampas grass brings peace and serenity to every room. We have selected the most beautiful variety of pampas grass: fluffy, large and naturally dried. We also have dried flowers bouquets with pampas grass in our collection, which add a little boho touch and nature to any room!

      Dried natural pampas grass - discover our range

      Pampas grass is still the interior design trend for 2021. Pampas grass is not only beautiful, but also easy to care for and sustainable. At least for Madame Fleurs, we have opted for high-quality, natural pampas grass from the Netherlands. The pampas grass has been dried naturally and its color varies between cream and beige. Whether you buy a stem of pampas grass or an arrangement with eucalyptus and other dried flowers is up to you. We have combined the pampas grass in different styles, be it in natural bouquets or combined with eucalyptus.


      Pampas grass care tips

      Here we share our 3 best tips for you to keep your pampas grass looking like new for a long time!


      1. Shake out the pampas grass briefly when you receive it. Your pampas may have become a bit flat during transport, but don't worry! Just shake it out a little, preferably in the garden or through the window. So you can bring it back into top shape and place it directly in a vase. You can also lightly pull the grass apart with your hands to make your pampas look even fluffier.


      2. Put your pampas grass in a dry place. Dried flowers and grasses, especially pampas grass, need dry air. This can be your living room or bedroom, or a hallway. Definitely avoid rooms with humidity like the bathroom or kitchen.


      3. What to do if dust accumulates on the pampas grass? Pampas grass actually lasts forever, but that also means that a little dust can appear there after a while. Do not worry! We have a simple trick here too. You can turn on your hair dryer on the lowest setting and let it point at the pampas at a distance of about 30 cm. This way your pampas gets a nice «hairstyle» and looks fresh and new again in a few seconds!