Dried Flowers Bouquets


    Natural dried flowers bouquets 

    Discover our collection of bouquets with the most beautiful dried flowers! Whether with eucalyptus or pampas grass, in a boho style or more romantic, our bouquets of dried flowers have one thing in common: they are only made with natural and uncolored dried flowers. A creation from Madame Fleurs is a real eye-catcher for your living room or as a gift idea for your loved ones. Our bouquets have a very long shelf life, are of high quality and are sustainable. All bouquets are made with natural dried flowers individually and lovingly put together in our Berlin studio. 

    Which dried flowers are in your bouquets?


    We tie bouquets of dried flowers in various shapes and styles so that there is something suitable for every decoration and every interior. Flowers are very diverse and we love to combine different colors and types of flowers and grasses to create beautiful dried flowers bouquets. Our bouquets of dried flowers are available in many colors: whether in pink shades, as a boho bouquet or simply colorful, our collection is large and Madame Fleurs has the right bouquet for everyone.


    Here is a little glimpse into the types of dried flowers that we like to use again and again in our beautiful dried flower bouquets:


    - Dried straw flowers, also called Everlasting Flowers, they can be found in our bouquets in different colors: yellow, orange, red, pink, purple or white / cream. Everlasting flowers are diverse, and we have chosen the one variety that can be dried well. Our straw flowers retain the color of their flower heads when they dry and thus look beautifully colorful and natural, such as in Berry Green or You're my sunshine.

    - Dried statice in different colors such as lilac, pink, white or pink: Statice is very easy to care for and a must-have in our natural dried flower arrangements, such as Love letter or Rise & Shine.

    - Dried yellow lonas: lonas is an herbaceous plant that we like to use in Winter sun use to make this colorful dried flower bouquet shine.

    - Dried delphinium: with its bright blue flowers, the Delphinium is a real eye-catcher in every dried flower bouquet. You can find dried Delphinium at Madame Fleurs in our Blue Dream Bouquet, as well as in Bleu Provence.

    - Dried craspedia: Craspedia naturally bears these round, yellow flowers that look fresh when dried and radiate their intense yellow color. The yellow flowers of the Craspedia are a great eye-catcher, be it in colorful dry bouquets like Winter sun and Back to nature, or just like that. Because of their shape will be Craspedias also called 'drumsticks'.

    - Dried daisies: daisies grow on almost every meadow and have sweet white flowers and a yellow heart.


    At Madame Fleurs, we also like to decorate our dried flowers bouquets with natural, dried grasses to bring even more boho flair:


    - Dried phalaris
    - Dried lagurus, also called rabbit tail grass
    - Dried wheat
    - Dried Pampas grass is very popular and is also found in many dried flower bouquets from Madame Fleurs, also in combination with eucalyptus and other dried flowers.


    In addition to the popular pampas grass and dried flowers in different colors, eucalyptus and typhas should not be missing to decorate your home in style or to send your loved ones a great bouquet of dried flowers. With every order we add a few stems of lavender in the parcel, for an extra portion of freshness!