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Dried Flowers Picture Frames

Pressed Flowers in High Quality Frames

Discover our wood & glass frames with dried flowers. The flower frames are unique creations made from dried flowers and grasses by Madame Fleurs.

In Scandi style and with boho flair, these picture frames with pressed flowers look simple yet stylish and are a real eye-catcher in your living room!

Different sizes and variants are available, for example with pressed lavender, bunny tail grass or with green fern leafs.

How are flowers turned into picture frames?

Blossoms and flowers can not only be dried as a bouquet, but also pressed flat. We take a close look at which flowers and grasses are best suited for this. Our favorites are lavender, daisies, lagurus (bunny tails) but also pampas grass species. To do this, we use a flower press and leave the flowers pressed flat for a few weeks. Then they are ready and can finally be converted into herbaria! We opted for high-quality glass and wooden frames. We think that a beautiful green leaf or pressed dried flowers stand out nicely when they are pressed into the picture frame. You can either put the herbarium on your shelf or offer it as a gift.

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