Dried Flower Love


    Order and send dried flowers, as a gift or for at home

    Discover our sustainable dried flower decoration! Everyone is happy about flowers, but after a few days they start to wither ... Dried flowers not only look beautiful and just as colorful as fresh flowers, they also last a lot longer! A drying bouquet or a dried flower ring from Madame Fleurs is perfect as a gift idea: timeless, sustainable & handmade. All flower designs are developed by us in Berlin ❤


    How are dried flowers made?

    We love dried flowers because they simply have a summery feeling, all year round! Fresh flowers are picked and dried at their peak in summer. This process takes a couple of weeks and is actually quite simple: the flowers are hung upside down in a dark and dry room until they have dried. This is how the flowers keep their natural colors. After drying, the dried flowers can be stored for months, which is also an advantage, in contrast to fresh flowers.



    Where do the dried flowers come from?

    We purchase Madame Fleurs' dried flowers from trusted suppliers. We pay attention to various criteria: seasonality, origin of the flowers and production process. We made a conscious decision to focus on natural flowers, which means that all of our dried flower arrangements consist of uncolored and unprocessed flowers. Sustainable use of our resources is important to us and we make sure that no flowers are wasted at every stage of production. The majority of our dried flowers come from the Netherlands, but also from France (lavender) or Italy.



    How do dried flowers smell?

    Many of you are probably wondering how dried flowers smell and whether the smell is not too intense for home. In general, dried flowers have a light, pleasant smell like you can smell it in the countryside in summer. Some dried flowers even retain their original smell after drying, for example lavender, straw flowers or even roses. One thing is certain: Dried flowers don't stink and we keep getting compliments when customers enter our studio for dried flowers in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg and admire how great it smells here ❤