Ceramic and glass vases for your dried flowers

    The search for the perfect decorative vase for your dried flower bouquets is over! From now on we offer flower vases that can be perfectly combined with our dried flower bouquets. Since a bouquet of dried flowers lasts a very long time, it is all the more important that the vase fits well. Dried flowers arranged in pretty vases beautify every room with their variety of colours and natural look.

    Which vase goes with my dried flowers?

    In general, we recommend tall vases with a narrow neck for the dried flowers, so that the flowers get a good hold and are well split in the vase. The vase can very simple or more decorative, depending on which dried flower arrangement you put in it. With colorful dry bouquets, a bright vase, e.g. white or beige, brings some calm to the arrangement. With eucalyptus or pampas grass, the vase can stand out a little more to turn it into a real eye-catcher! When choosing a suitable vase, attention should not only be paid to the design, but also to the height so that the dried flowers are not too low but also not too high.


    Glass or ceramic: which vase for dried flowers?

    At Madame Fleurs we love high quality materials and have launched a collection of glass and ceramic vases for our dried flowers. We appreciate the transparency of the glass vases and the fact that they can be combined well with all bouquets of dried flowers. We feel reminded of ourselves and nature with the ceramic vases and find that they go really well with colorful dry bouquets. You can also simply get individual flowers as a bunch and place a few stems in each vase, e.g. eucalyptus or craspedias.