Madame Fleurs FAQ - Dried flowers, pampas grass, bouquets of dried flowers and rings 

Here you will find all the answers to Madame Fleurs range, to the dried flower care, ordering dried flowers online etc. 

Madame Fleurs & Dried Flowers

1. What is the idea behind Madame Fleurs?

We love to decorate our home with beautiful decorations and dried flowers are definitely one of them! When we discovered the trend, we immediately fell in love with dried flowers. However, we found it difficult unprocessed flowers to find. Many are artificially coloured or bleached and we want to avoid that because sustainability is our focus! That's why we have opened our Online dried flower shop. You can find out more in our story.

2. Where can you buy your dried flowers?

At the moment you can find the dried flowers by Madame Fleurs on our online shop as well as on Etsy. We are working on being available “offline” soon so that you can see our dried flowers in real life :-)

3. Who makes the dried flower bouquets, rings, etc.?

We are a small team and we take care of everything! When creating our creations, we draw inspiration from nature and the seasons and use them to create sustainable designed Dried flower arrangementsthat will decorate your home in style. All designs are unique creations by Madame Fleurs, which we develop in our Berlin studio with the help of our naturally dried flowers. 

4. Where do your dried flowers come from?

Our dried flowers all come from Europe, mainly from the Netherlands but also from Italy and France. We prefer European production for sustainable reasons. 

5. How do dried flowers smell?

Although dried flowers are more likely to be chosen for their look and feel, there are some types of flowers that smell almost like fresh flowers even after the drying process. Lavender, Helichrysum or Roses, for example, keep their smell, so the summer lives a little longer at home!

6. Are Madame Fleurs dried flowers suitable as gifts?

All Madame Fleurs creations are designed so that they can be used as Gifts! Be it the beautiful, coloured paper around the Dry bouquets, the sweet ribbons, the dark green silk paper in which the flowers are beautifully wrapped ...

You can also have your order delivered directly to the person of your choice, as well add your personal message. Be it for a friends Birthday, to say thank youOr just like that: Giving a present with dried flowers from Madame Fleurs always makes you happy! Look at you here all of our Creations.  

7. Do you also have dried flower bouquets for weddings?

For special occasions such as weddings, we are happy to help you find a dream Dry Flower Bouquet. We can create a beautiful Bouquet for the bride, as well as a Boutonniere for the groom and different variants of the bouquet in the chosen colour combinations for bridesmaids & flower girls etc. Contact us with your wish! 

8. Can I dry flowers myself?

We loveDried Flower DIYs and experiments! Dried flowers are trending like never before and people love to do their own DIY creations, so why not try drying your own flowers yourself? It's a lot easier than you think! Follow these simple steps to do this:

  1. Choose the flowers carefully. Not all flowers are suitable for drying. We recommend that you start with these types of flowers: Roses, Helichrysum flowers, Eucalyptus, Delphinium, Lavender, Oats, wheat ... you can easily find flowers to dry in nature, you don't have to go far!
  2. Hang your flowers individually upside down in a dry place so that they become straight.
  3. After 10 to 14 days they will be ready! Now you have dried flowers that will last forever, how beautiful! Put them in your favourite vase and enjoy the sight of your homemade drying bouquet.

Shipping dried flowers

1. How do you send the dried flowers?

It is important to us that your dried flowers arrive in perfect condition. We carefully package all our creations With recycled paper and tissue paperto protect the dried flowers. Actually there have been no problems with the shipping so far! We use strong recycled boxes, which you can then use again for other purposes. There is also a small card from us, also made from recycled paper in Germany.

2. How long will  the shipping take?

Our Bestseller we always have them in stock, otherwise we prepare the dried flower creations after ordering. This means that we need 2 to 3 working days to prepare and shipping usually takes 2 to 3 working days. We ship out all orders Berlin with our partner DHL.

3. I would like to order dried flowers from Madame Fleurs, but I am not sure which ones?

Yes, with so many Colours and dried flowers you can quickly beSpoiled for choice! We don't just offer Dry bouquets on, but also Dried flower rings, Pampas grass, Dried flowers in Federation and also pressed Dried flowers in the floating picture frame. Just contact us by email or on Instagram, we will be happy to help you! 

Dried flower care 

1. What do I do when I receive the dried flowers?

Did you order dried flowers or pampas from Madame Fleurs? Congratulations! We recommend that you gently shake the bouquet first. Then get your Favourite vaseto put your bouquet in! For Pampas grass we recommend one Floor vase. For dry bouquets, we recommend narrow vases that hold the bouquet together well. You can also just leave the string around the stems.

2. How do I best care for my dried flowers?

Dried flowers are actually very easy to care for! Ideal conditions for this are that they are at one dry place be asked. Ideally in the living room, bedroom or office - you can also put them in the bathroom if you have enough ventilation options, otherwise the dried flowers don't like it so much due to moisture. It is also important to your Dry Bouquet not to pose in direct lightas the colors become weaker over time due to the sun's rays.

3. How do I care for my pampas grass?

At Madame Fleurs we love pampas. Why not? These gorgeous grasses not only look great on Pinterest and Instagram but also in your home! Our Premium pampas is about 1.10 meters long and looks very good in a tall vase. We have our 3 top tips for pampas care in this one story written.

4. Can I put dried flowers in the bathroom?

In general, dried flowers should be placed in a dry place. If your bathroom has enough ventilation options, you can put your dried bouquet or pampas grass there, but you have to be careful that the humidity is not too high. 

Sustainability in dried flowers

1. Are dried flowers sustainable?

The Trend of dried flowers suddenly came like a storm and as in all trends, there is a beautiful and a dark side.

Let's put it this way: Dried flowers are MORE sustainable because they last longer than fresh flowers and you can keep them longer in the supply chain and don't have to throw away all the flowers immediately if we don't sell them.

 BUT not all dried flowers are sustainable. How so? Here are the 3 most important points:

  1. Origin: Many retailers now offer exotic flowers and grasses as dried products. Yes, that's how you find beautiful palm fronds from India, pampas grass from Latin America ... This creates Long transport routes and opaque supply chains. Who picked these plants and under what conditions? We don't want to support that at Madame Fleurs. We know our suppliers and buy 100% European production. Most of it comes from the Netherlands, or Italy and France.
  2. Processing: Dried flowers call for nature, right? There are now so many dried flowers artificially coloured and bleached. For whatever reason? Sure, bright colours look good, but we are convinced that we can also find these hues in the natural colours of the dried flowers. Our Dry bouquets, rings and other creations are colourful and joyful, We only worked with natural colours.
  3. Packing & Shipping: A lot can be achieved with packaging and shipping Garbage and plastic getting together. When it comes to our products, we think of the entire supply chain. How do we package Madame Fleurs dried flowers? We prefer recycled paper and materialsthat are compostable or reusable. We also ship climate neutral, that means, the CO2 emissions are offset and offer to all Berliners a Click & Collect option at.

 2. How do you work for sustainability?

Each bouquet is made according to your order, freshly prepared and shipped quickly. At Madame Fleurs we only work with flowers that have been naturally dried, because their beauty doesn't need artificial colours or even bleach to shine! You can find out more about sustainability at Madame Fleurs here read.