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Good for you, good for your home

Natural and sustainable dried flowers

Madame Fleurs is a young brand from Berlin. We make creations from dried flowers with a lot of love, everything made by hand and sustainably produced!

We select the highest quality flowers and only work with European dealers. At every step of production we make sure that there is as little waste as possible and avoid plastic as best we can. 

The problem with dried flowers

When we rediscovered the trend of dried flowers and grasses like pampas, we immediately fell in love and wanted to have them all :-) However, during our research we came across the not so nice truth about dried flowers: many are coloured with artificial means or even bleached and that's not good for the environment or for you. In short, you breath chemicals at home and you could develop allergies from them.

Our promise - it will be green & flowery!

We therefore only work with the beautiful, natural colors of the flowers. Flowers that have been dried unprocessed and are offered by European suppliers who work with certain ethical standards.

Of course we also love colored bouquets and have chosen the brightest colors in the flowers to bring a touch of sun and summer to your home!


We do not use artificially colored or bleached dried flowers. We have carefully selected all of our suppliers. Be it the fair-made flowers or the recycled kraft paper from Germany, everything has been put under the microscope at Madame Fleurs in order to offer you the best quality.

We send all parcels climate-neutral and offer you the pick-up option if you live in Berlin. This way you save the shipping costs and the corresponding footprint.


All designs are unique creations by Madame Fleurs, which we develop in our Berlin studio.

We are inspired by nature and the seasons and use them to create sustainable creations that stylishly decorate your home.


Dried flowers are not only beautiful, they are also very easy to care for and will last a long time in your home.

You can also display different bouquets depending on the season and rediscover them season after season

What to expect from Madame Fleurs

At Madame Fleurs you will find many creations made from dried flowers: from Bouquets in different sizes up to Dried flower ringsand our popular Picture frame with pressed flowers. Not to mention the popular one Pampas grass. We opted for premium quality. Beautiful and lovely fluffy! Just let yourself be convinced.

Special requests and collaborations

Would you like to have a unique creation made for your home or office?

Are you planning a special event? Weddings, bachelor parties, birthdays ... Maybe you would like to give your guests a little something from Madame Fleurs?

For these inquiries as well as for cooperation, please contact us or on Instagram. We look forward to your message!

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